From within the Team Directory you’ll have several options to add team members either as a group or individually. Click Team from the upper right and then the “...” menu to see the following options:

Invite Members

  • Send URL: send an invitation link via email or however you like by copy/pasting your organization's unique URL.

  • Send Email: enter one or more email addresses to directly send email invites from this page. 

Import Team

You can also import your team directly from Google, Slack, Hipchat, or Active Directory. You can even upload a CSV file.

When you bulk upload team members to your account, Access will automatically send invite emails to your team. 

Add an individual team member

If you’d like to add an individual team member, click Add Member from the Team Directory and pre-enter their profile information. Once you hit Save, they’ll then receive an e-mail prompting them to create a password to complete their account.

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