The Notifications Page allows Admins and Owners to adjust when and how you -- and everyone in your organization -- get notified as visitors sign in. 

To adjust your alerts for visitors and deliveries, first select Settings from the top of your dashboard and then click into Notifications from the left-hand menu.

Notification Types

Want to pick and choose which communication channels send out notifications? Access lets you and your team get alerts from:

  • Email -- Get a message in your inbox when a visitor arrives.

  • SMS -- Receive a notification to your mobile phone. To turn on MMS and allow for larger messages, click the checkbox. (This feature is only available for the US & Canada).

  • Slack -- Instantly get pinged via Slack of a visitor’s arrival. To get started, click Connect to sync your Slack Account with your Access dashboard. Pro tip: If your Slack notifications ever stop working, just click on Sync Now to reset the integration. 

  • Hipchat -- Connect Access with Hipchat to send instant notifications. Note: To connect and send notifications, you need to be a dedicated HipChat Admin.

Assistance and Delivery Notifications

Assistance and Delivery notifications allow your guests or delivery service to alert a designated member of your team whenever your receptionist is away and unable to assist.

  • Assistance -- Click + Add User and enter the name of the person who should get notified if a guest needs assistance. If you'd also like to receive notifications, enter your name as well. Once set up, visitors can tap Assistance on the bottom right of the sign-in page.

  • Delivery -- If no one is at the front desk to receive a package, you can turn Delivery Mode on. This let’s visitors click Delivery on the bottom of the Access home screen and notify another team member of the incoming delivery. Like above, click + Add User and type in the name(s) of whoever you want to be notified. 

If you do not wish to display the Assistance or Delivery button, you can deactivate both features at anytime. Just tap the toggle to the right.


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