Want to keep your visitors connected? You can print or share Wi-Fi credentials with your guests who have signed in using Welkio Access.

Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Settings Page from your Access Dashboard, and tap Printer & Wi-Fi.

  2. Turn on Guest Wi-Fi by using the toggle on the right.

  3. Enter your Network Name. For example, “Access Guest.”

  4. If your company has a WiFi Username - your company email for example - fill it out in the Username box. If not, skip it entirely. 

  5. If a password is needed to connect to your company’s Wi-Fi, type it in here.

  6. To print, simply tap the lighting button on the dashboard. 

  7. To share via email or text, tap the “...” to the right of any name on the Visitors Page and click Share Guest Wi-Fi.

  8. That’s it! Guests will now be able to connect using the log-in information you provided.

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