Welkio Access can print badges and Wi-Fi stickers for your visitors. Badges - including names, pictures, or both - mean better security for your building and your company as well as help hosts recognize their visitors.

Your visitor badges can include:

  • Your company logo

  • Visitor's photo

  • Visitor's name

  • Visitor's company

  • Host name

  • Date and Time of arrival

 Choose your Badge Orientation 

Once your label printer is connected, simply visit the Settings Page from your dashboard. Then click Printer & Wi-Fi on the left sidebar to adjust your badges.

Choose either Landscape or Portrait orientation for your badge layout.

Can I customize my badges?

While visitor badgers are not customizable, they automatically adapt to your settings. For example, if you don't require Access to take pictures of your visitors, Access will adjust the layout of the badge back from portrait to landscape.

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