While your visitors will primarily interact with iPads as they sign in, you and your team will utilize the Access dashboard -- accessible via the web app -- for behind-the-scenes administration. 

There are five roles available in Access, each with their own level of dashboard permissions and access to data:

  • Owner -- typically the first person to join, each organization can have only one Owner. The Owner can view and manage everything within the dashboard and is the only person with access to billing.

  • Super Admin -- Super Administrators are able to manage locations, members, modify settings, and add devices to an account. Super Admins will automatically be added to all existing and newly created locations. 

  • Admin -- Administrators are able to manage members, modify settings, and add devices to an account.

  • Receptionist -- Receptionist has access to the visitor log, analytics, vault, reports and your team directory.

  • User -- Users have access to their own account information and can adjust settings and notifications whenever needed.

Edit someone’s role

As an Admin or Owner, you can change a team member’s role within Access. Here’s how:

  • From your dashboard, go to the Team Directory and scroll through to find the team member you wish to edit.  

  • Click into their profile and then tap the “...” more menu in the upper right corner.

  • Click Change Role and choose to make someone a User, Receptionist, or Admin. Only the Owner will be able to transfer ownership. 

While you can have an unlimited number of Users, Admins, and Receptionists within Access, only one team member can be the Owner. When the Owner decides to transfer ownership, he/she will automatically be downgraded to the Admin role.

Bring your team onboard

Now that you know all the roles and permission levels, get your entire team into Access! There are many different ways you can bring your team onboard.

You can invite one or more team members to use Access with you by:

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