Welkio Access Admins and Owners can choose to import their entire team from another platform, rather than sending out individual invites. This bulk invite option pulls the team information that already exists in another team directory and uploads it into Access. 

From the dashboard, visit the Team Directory by clicking Team in the top right. Then select the “...” button and Import Team.

You can choose to import your team from:

  • Google

  • HipChat

  • Slack

  • Active Directory 

  • CSV file

After your team has been imported, Access will automatically send welcome emails, inviting the new members to create a password and join.

Importing from CSV

If you upload from a CSV file, make sure you have a column heading for First name, Last name, and Email Address, which are required to create a new profile in Access. You can also choose to include Phone Number, Title, Company, and an image URL. **CSV Import can take up to 15 minutes or so to complete**

To get started, try organizing your spreadsheet using our CSV Template.

When re-importing from a CSV, you'll have the option to deactivate all users that have been removed from the original file. 

Importing using Google, Hipchat, Slack, or Active Directory

If using Google, HipChat, Slack, or Active Directory, check that you have the needed account permissions to access those accounts and import your team into Access.

Important: Access may create duplicate profiles when importing from another database. This means new imports will not overwrite or delete previous imports, and only new entries will be added to your team directory.

Please also note below that Welkio will automatically sync with Google, Hipchat, Slack, or Active directory every 24 hours after updates are made on those services.
**Admins can always manually trigger an immediate sync from their dashboard. See the Manual Sync link.**

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