The Analytics Page takes your guest sign-ins and turns them into rich data, giving you reliable and up-to-date information directly from your visitors.

With Analytics you get:

  • Total Visits -- A count of total visits by hour, day, week, and month.

  • Day of week average -- Which day sees the most traffic, on average. 

  • Hourly average -- What are the most common and popular times for visitors to sign-in.

  • Reports -- Create a report of stats for any given time frame, on any visitor or visitors from a specific company, the purpose of a visit, and/or for a particular host.

Running a Report

To create a report, click Run Report on the top right of the Analytics Page. Here you’ll be able to select what information to include in your report, including Date Range, Visitors, Companies, Purpose of Visit, and Host Name. 

Click on the Date Range field to select a report of visitors from This Day, This Week, This Month or the Last 30 Days. Or chose a custom range of dates, if you’d like.

Within the Visitors, Companies, Purpose of Visit, and Host fields, simply type in what or who you want to filter your report by.

When done, click Run Report.

Once created, you can export and download any report. 

Simply use the “...” overflow menu on the top right and click Export. Then select your report format, including CSV, Excel, and OpenOffice files. 

You can also use the overflow menu to update your report search. Just tap Update Filters to return to your report form.

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