From pre-registering a guest to checking them in, Welkio Access is a powerful tool for engaging and connecting with your visitors as well as optimizing security and building operations with powerful analytics tools.

Viewing your Visitors

The Visitors tab gives you a list view of all the visitors you’ve had come through on any given day. To get here, just click Visitors from your Access dashboard.

Use the forward and back arrows -- found on the right and left side of the date -- to flip through visitors on specific days. Or tap the down arrow to access a calendar, allowing you to quickly sort through months and click into your date of choice.

Tap the lightning bolt on the upper right to log a new visit or delivery, email yourself an emergency list, or export a document of your guests.

Contact Information

Need to get in touch with a guest? You can find their contact information from your dashboard. Within both the Visitor and Pre-Registered tabs, scroll to find the visitor you need to be in touch with, then tap on their name to get a drop down with their phone number, email address, title, company and more.

Pre-Registered Guests

Pre-Registering a guest can help speed up sign-in and prevent surprises at the front desk. Registering your visitors in advance of their arrival will give reception a heads up of what to expect for the day as well as let security know exactly who is allowed access to the building.

To set or tweak your pre-registration settings, read here.

You can always view which guests have been pre-registered for their visit. Similar to the Visitors Page, use the forward and back arrows, as well as the drop down calendar, to view pre-registered guests on any particular date.

Use the Add Guest button on the upper right of the page to pre-register a guest yourself.

When a guest has been pre-registered, reception can check for any notes a host has left. “Please send Katelyn to the fourth floor lobby upon arrival,” for example.

Visit this page to learn more about Pre-Registered Guests.

Guest Analytics

The Analytics Page takes your guest sign-ins and turns them into rich data, giving you reliable and up-to-date information about your visitors.

With Analytics you get:

  • Total Visits -- A count of total visits by hour, day, week, and month.

  • Day of week average -- Which day sees the most traffic, on average. 

  • Hourly average -- What are the most common and popular times for visitors to sign-in.

  • Reports -- Create a report of stats for any given time frame, on any visitor or visitors from a specific company, the purpose of a visit, and/or for a particular host.


Welkio Access gives you several security options that help you keep track of your printed badges and maintain a watchlist of specific visitors that will need to be flagged upon entry. To learn more about your security settings, read here.

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