Pre-Registering a guest can help speed up sign-in and prevent surprises at the front desk. Registering your visitors in advance of their meeting will give reception a heads up of what to expect for the day as well as let security know exactly who is allowed access to the building.

To set or tweak your pre-registration settings, head over to the web app. Then click Settings and select Pre-Registration from the left sidebar.

Guest Email

When a guest pre-registers, Access can send them a confirmation email. Tap the toggle on the right to turn this feature on. 

While your email will automatically include information from your settings -- company name and address, a map, and meeting date and time -- you can include any additional details you would like. Choose to add parking instructions or what to expect at sign in, for example.

Public Pre-Registration 

If your team frequently has visitors, you can send them a link dedicated to guest pre-registration. Instead of going to the dashboard each time, they can keep this bookmarked and fill it out whenever they need to.

Just copy and paste the unique web link, and send it out any way you’d like! 

If you think your link has been compromised, you can always create a new one. Just click Regenerate link.

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