Welkio Access gives you several security options that help you keep track of your printed badges and maintain a watchlist of specific visitors that will need to be flagged upon entry. To get started, click into Settings from your dashboard and then tap Security. 

Track your Badge Numbers

If you’ve chosen to connect a label printer to your Access Account, you can print badges and keep a list of each one that gets handed out at sign-in. 

By turning this on, you’ll have the option to assign a unique badge number to each visitor by typing it in from the dashboard.

You can go back and reference this badge number at anytime. Just go to the Visitors Page and click on the name of the visitor you’re looking for.

Create a Watchlist

You can set up special notifications for any visitors that are high-profile or unwanted. 

By turning your Watchlist on, you’ll be asked to create a list of who is included on the watchlist -- as well as decide who gets alerted each time these visitors sign in.

Watchlist Rules

Create your list of individuals on your watchlist by turning on Watchlist Rules.

To add a new entry:

  1. Use the first drop down, and select Name, Company, Phone, Email or Email Domain. This indicates what Access is on the lookout for.

  2. Pick equals or contains from the second drop down. For anything marked as equals, Access will search for the exact word or phrase you typed in. For entries marked as contains, Access will search for things that contain the word or phrase. For example: If Full Name contains “Smith,” you’ll be alerted of all visitors with Smith in their name -- but if Full Name equals “Andrew Smith,” you’ll only be notified if visitors with that specific name sign in.

  3. Click + New Rule to save your changes and add it to your list.

Watchlist Notifications

When someone on your Watchlist signs in, you may want an additional notification sent out to your team or organization. 

To specify who gets notified, type in a name and select from the drop down. Need more than one person to get notified? No problem, simply click + Add User and type in another name.

Public Security Desk

Want your security team to monitor a log of daily visitors? You can send them a link dedicated to everyone who has signed-in and pre-registered -- for today and today alone. 

Just copy and paste the unique web link, and send it out any way you’d like! 

If you think your link has been compromised, you can always create a new one. Just click Regenerate link.

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