The Host Settings Page allows you to decide exactly how visitors search for you and other Hosts in Welkio Access.

To update Host Settings, tap on Settings from your dashboard, and then select Hosts on the lefthand side. 

Enable your guests to search for hosts

If you’d like your guests to be able to search for their hosts, you must enable the feature from this page. Once done Access will be able to send the host a notification and you’ll see additional options below.

Important Note: If you don’t toggle Hosts to “on”, your visitors will not be able to search for their host when signing in and hosts will not be notified of the visitor’s arrival.

Edit how your visitors find hosts

Once you’ve turned on the ability to search for hosts, you can choose to let visitors search in a number of ways:

  • Smart Search -- No more worrying about typos. Smart Search improves search with typo tolerance and name recognition. Note: You’ll need to have a fast and reliable internet connection.

  • Catch All -- When visitors can’t find their host -- or if their host is unavailable in Access -- they can choose I can't find my host as a backup. 

  • Browse Hosts -- Visitors can browse hosts instead of searching by name.

  • Display Host Photos -- Let your visitors view a photo of their host.

  • Display Host Titles -- Show a host’s job title to visitors. 

To turn any of these search options on, slide the toggle to the right. Want to turn it back off? Tap the toggle again.

You can activate as many or as few of these search options as you would like. The more features that are available, the easier it is for your visitors to find and notify their hosts.

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