You can require visitors to sign an agreement -- an NDA for example -- the first time they visit your company and sign in using Welkio Access. 

When you turn this on from your dashboard, visitors will have to sign an agreement the first time they visit and each time you update the document.

To get to the Agreements Page, select Settings from the top of the web app, and then click Agreements from the left-hand side. 

Here you’ll be able to:

  • Email Receipt to Organization -- Send an email with a PDF copy of signed agreements to a specified address or addresses. This will allow your company to have a running record of all agreements in your inbox.

  • Email Receipt to Visitor -- Email visitors a copy of the agreement after it’s been signed.

  • Countersign Agreements -- Automatically apply your signature to all signed agreements. Simply enter your Full Name and Title.

To turn these options on, simply tap the toggle to the right.

Add Agreements

To add an agreement, click + Agreement on the right and give your agreement a title. Then copy and paste your document into the text box. 

Have more than one agreement? No problem. You can include as many agreements in Access as you would like.

Custom Fields

Want to personalize your agreements? You can include custom fields such as the Full Name, First Name, Last Name, Email and Date -- auto-filled each time the document is signed. 

Just click into the body of the agreement and place the cursor where you want the custom field to appear. Then tap the field you want to use at the bottom of the text box.


You can also choose to make certain words or phrases bold and italic. Simply check the Markdown Formatting box at the bottom. For bold, use two asterisks on each side of the word or phrase (**word**). For italic, just use one asterisk (*word*).

Setting up Signature Requirements 

You can choose to have only certain visitors sign agreements by linking the signature requirement to the purpose of their visit. This option is helpful if you have different agreements for different departments, for example. 

To sign for a specific purpose:

  • Before you can enable this, make sure you have included Purpose of Visit in your Visitor Form

  • Then click on Link to purpose of visit from the Agreement Settings Page.

  • Select one or more purposes from the drop down menu. This will be the list of options you customized in your Visitor Form.

  • Click the checkmark to the right of the purpose you selected. 

To have all visitors sign an agreement:

  • First, click the checkmark next to All Purposes. 

  • Then, check the box next to show this agreement to visitors who skip purpose of visit.

  • Tap the checkmark next to Skipped Purpose.


The Vault is your go-to for viewing an archive of all agreements signed by guests -- from most recent all the way to your first visitor. 

To download, print, or delete a document, click the “...” to the right of any visitor’s name.

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