The Branding Page allows you to customize your Welkio Access -- reflecting your company’s unique branding to both your employees and your visitors.

To visit the Branding Page and put your company’s personal stamp on the sign-in page, select Settings from the top of the web app, and then click Branding from the left-hand side. 

Here, you’ll be able to add your company logo, select a primary color for Access, and decide whether to have a background image or slideshow.

You have the option to upload a logo and use it as the home screen of your Access -- the first impression your visitors will have of your company as they sign in. 

  • First, select your logo’s format -- either the regular Logo or the Dark Background Logo. You’ll use the Dark Background Logo if you decide to include background images or a slideshow. 

  • Then click Upload Logo and choose a file stored on your computer. You can change or remove your logo at anytime by clicking Remove Logo.

Helpful Tip: For your logo, we recommend using a high resolution PNG (1500 px * 420 px) with a transparent background.

Primary Color

To keep the app company specific, choose a primary color that will be used throughout the guest registration process. We recommend choosing a color that contrasts with white.

Both your logo and primary color will be visible to your visitors on the sign-in iPads and across all communications going out to your employees and visitors from Welkio. 

Background & Slideshow

Want to display team photos or showcase your company’s latest retreat? You can add a background image or a background slideshow to your sign-in page. 

To turn this feature on, simply slide the toggle to the right. Then drag and drop or click to upload the image(s) you want to display. We suggest using high-resolution images that are at least 1536 x 2014 px. 

You can also choose how light or dark your images appear -- and therefore how visible your logo is -- by choosing Light, Dark, or None from the Overlay options. Or you can choose to hide your logo completely by clicking None and Hide Logo

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