To get started, or to change your existing settings, visit your Access dashboard. Click Settings and then Visitors.

Visitor Form

Use the Visitor Form to set what information your guests have to fill out during sign in. While First Name and Last Name will always be required, you can add any new fields you’d like by tapping the + Add Field button. You can also reorder the fields by grabbing the icon to the left of the field name and dragging to reposition. 

Click the + Add Field button to see the list of suggested fields or to create your own custom fields. The suggested fields are Phone, Email, Purpose of Visit, and Company

Creating Fields

From the +Add Field drop down, select Custom Text to create your own form field. Type in the field name where it says Field Title. 

From the same dropdown you can also choose Custom List to provide a drop down menu of choices for your visitors. Once again you’ll name your field and then each of the drop down selections. Click the + to add more options to your custom list.

For example, if you want a guest to specify the department they are visiting, you’ll create a custom field named “Department” with a list of IT, Human Resources, Digital, Legal, etc. as suggested responses.

Optional and Required Fields

As visitors sign in, they’ll see what fields are and aren’t required for them to fill out -- marked by Optional

A field will remain optional unless you tap on the check mark to the right of the Visitor Form. Once a field is required, the check mark will be blue.

Want to switch a field back from required to optional? Simply re-click the checkmark. 

Move or Delete a Field

You can delete a field at anytime. Just hover your cursor over any field and tap the grey X on the right. 

Want to change around the order of your form? Drag and drop your fields until you get them in just the right spot -- to move a field, click and drag using the button on the far left.


If you would like your visitors to take a photo when they sign-in, check the Photo Required box.  

Access can then remember your visitors' photos for an even faster sign-in experience next time. Simply check off Remember photo for returning guests.

Self Sign-Out

Self Sign-Out lets your visitors quickly sign themselves out whenever they’re ready to leave the building. To turn this on, just tap the toggle on the right.

Visitors can then tap the Sign Out button on the bottom of the home screen and type in their email.

Quick Sign

Quick Sign allows your returning visitors to have a faster sign-in experience -- simply by using the same email address or phone number they used during their previous visit. Access will automatically show the quickest option based on the information previously collected from their visit(s). 

Like above, use the toggle to turn this feature on. Visitors will then be able to tap the Quick Sign button on the bottom left of the home screen.  

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