Welkio Access streamlines the front desk process for the receptionist, visitor and employee. While your visitors will primarily interact with iPads as they sign in, you and your team will utilize the administrative dashboard -- accessible via the web app.

Your Dashboard will give a birds-eye view of past, present, and future guests, rich data on all those visitors, showcase the devices connected with your account, as well as detail your company’s preferred settings.

To access your Dashboard, log in using the unique company URL you created when first signing up.


The Visitors tab gives you a list view of all the visitors you’ve had come through on any given day.

Use the forward and back arrows -- found on the right and left side of the date -- to flip through visitors on specific days. Or tap the down arrow to access a calendar, allowing you to quickly sort through months and click into your date of choice.

Tap the lightning bolt on the upper right to log a new visit or delivery, email yourself an emergency list, or export a document of your guests.


View which guests have been pre-registered for their visit. Similar to the Visitors Page, use the forward and back arrows, as well as the drop down calendar, to view pre-registered guests on any particular date.

Use the Add Guest button on the upper right of the page to pre-register a guest yourself.

When a guest has been pre-registered, reception can check for any notes a host has left. “Please send Katelyn to the fourth floor lobby upon arrival,” for example.


The Analytics Page takes your guest sign-ins and turns them into rich data, giving you reliable and up-to-date information directly from your visitors.

With Analytics you get:

  • Total Visits -- A count of total visits by hour, day, week, and month.

  • Day of week average -- Which day sees the most traffic, on average. 

  • Hourly average -- What are the most common and popular times for visitors to sign-in.

  • Reports -- Create a report of stats for any given time frame, on any visitor or visitors from a specific company, the purpose of a visit, and/or for a particular host.


Vault is your go-to for viewing an archive of all agreements signed by guests -- from most recent all the way to your first visitor. 

To download, print, or delete a document, click the “...” to the right of any visitor’s name.


The Device Page showcases all devices associated with your Access account. 

No matter if you have one or 10 iPads connected, visit this page to edit and remove a device using the “...” on the right of each tablet -- or click Add Device to set up a new one.


From the Settings Page you can adjust:

  • Branding -- Customize your Welkio Access to reflect your company’s unique branding to both your employees and your visitors.

  • Visitors -- Edit the information required for your visitor forms, and decide how your guests sign in and out.

  • Agreements -- If you choose to have visitors sign an agreement (such as an NDA) when first using Welkio, you can use this tab to edit the document and signature settings. 

  • Hosts -- Edit how hosts are found in searches and what information is displayed to guests.

  • Notifications -- Select when and how you are notified of incoming visitors and deliveries.

  • Printer & Wi-Fi -- Decide to print badges and/or share Wi-Fi info with guests.

  • Security -- Adjust your security settings to include a watch list and track badge count.

  • Pre-Registration -- Draft the email message sent to guests and create a unique link for employees to send for guest pre-registration.


In the top right corner of your Dashboard, click on Team to view your Team Directory. Here, you’ll see who from your company is using Access with you. Click on each individual profile for title and contact information.

If you’re an Admin or the account Owner, click Add Member or the “...” to invite new members to Access, import your team from another platform (Google, Slack, Hipchat, or Excel, for example), or clear your directory.

Use the “...” on the upper right within any profile to edit a member’s information, change their dashboard role, and hide or delete a profile entirely. 

Welkio Access Roles and Permissions

There are four roles available in Access, each with their own level of dashboard permissions and access to data:

  • Owner -- typically the first person to join, each organization can have only one Owner. The Owner can view and manage everything within the dashboard and is the only person with access to billing. 

  • Admin -- Administrators are able to manage members, modify settings, and add devices to an account.

  • User -- Users have access to their own account information and can adjust settings and notifications whenever needed.

  • Receptionist — Receptionist has a 'view only' access to the visitor log, analytics, vault, reports and your team directory.

For more on roles and permissions, read here.

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